Board of Directors

St. Mary’s, St. Joseph’s and Carondelet Marana Hospital Governing Board

Lea Marquez-Peterson
  • Chairman of the Board | Commissioner, Arizona Corporation Commission
Photo of Lea Marquez-Peterson
Michael Duperret, MD
  • Vice Chairman | Physician
Photo of Michael Duperret, MD
Manuel Valenzuela
  • Superintendent, Sahuarita Unified School District
Photo of Manuel Valenzuela
Marcel Dabdoub
  • Dabdoub Enterprises
Photo of Marcel Dabdoub
Patrick DeConcini
  • Managing Partner, 4-D Properties, LLP
Photo of Patrick DeConcini
Paulo Goes
  • Dean, University of Arizona Eller College
Photo of Paulo Goes
Dolores Duran-Cerda Ph.D
  • Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor at PCC
Photo of Dolores Duran-Cerda Ph.D
Joseph Chambers, MD
  • Physician
Photo of Joseph Chambers, MD
Fr. Arthur J. Espelage
  • Diocese of Tucson
Photo of Fr. Arthur J. Espelage
Nathaniel Rial, MD
  • Chief of Staff Physician at St. Mary's Hospital
Photo of Nathaniel Rial, MD
Andrea Herbert, MD
  • Chief of Staff Elect Physician
Photo of Andrea Herbert, MD
Nicholas Bastiampillai, DO
  • Chief of Staff Physician at St. Joseph's Hospital
Photo of Nicholas Bastiampillai, DO
Konstantin Zubelevitskiy, MD
  • Chief of Staff Elect at St. Joseph's Hospital
Photo of Konstantin Zubelevitskiy, MD